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Intrigued and curious about the particulars...?


Experiences come in two tiers [ classic or carnal ]

One features a timeless girlfriend intimacy; one stokes passions and sensations beyond traditional expectations

Deposits are positively non-negotiable, necessary, vital, unavoidable, more reliable than the gravitation constant, the literal prime directive of my booking procedure.

20% for local bookings

50% for extended requests




Prezz Wishlist [ "tip" or "surprise gift" ]


Beem / c$pp / v [ @capturecc ]


Giftcard or Bitcoin [ inquire for details ]

All international rates by request

Complex or protracted inquiries will require a

consult fee, minimum $250



--- melodies ---


     a blend of public (food/drink) and private

             to harmonise our tryst

[ classic / carnal ]

$1400 / 1700       3 hours

$1900 / 2200       4 hours

$2400 / 2700       5 hours

$2900 / 3200       6 hours

All outcalls must either be to a 4/5 star establishment, serviced apartment, or verified private address with RWI and references


  --- overtures ---


            for the briefest of intimate-only intros

[ classic / carnal ]

$700 / 800        60 minutes

$900 / 1000      90 minutes

$1100 / 1300    2 hours

$1600 / 1900    3 hours

$300 / 350      per additional half hour

For overtures with less than 24hrs notice in Canberra, please prepare for a $150 surcharge for all incall bookings


  --- symphonies ---


            for plunging into the full fantasy


$3500 / 4000        ~8 hours

                  Daytime interlude, including

                           dining, adventure, intimacy

$4000 / 4500       ~12hr Overnight

                                    min 7 hrs sleep

$5000 / 5500       ~16hr Overnight+

                                     min 7 hrs sleep

$8000 / 8500       ~24 hours

                  min 7 hrs sleep, regular meals,

                                   out of room activities


Longer operatics -- 48 hours, a weekend, or longer are most welcome (subject to bespoke fees)

Fly - Me - to - You

  within Australia: 4 hr min +$500 travel

  across an Ocean: 24 hr min +$2k travel


Please prepare for advanced screening and 50% deposit for overnights or longer


  Harmonious Pragmatics

Rates are quoted in AUD

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable except at my discretion (i.e., if I need to cancel or if we both consent to altering the date due to unforeseeable circumstances).

I am generally happy to put a deposit toward a future booking, if the cancellation comes prior to 72 hours of the booking. With less than 72 hours notice, the deposit is forfeit. With less than 18 hours notice, the entirety of my fee is requested.

I book with any and all genders, body types, professions, fashion senses, disabilities, affluence, creed, religion, sexuality, astrological sign, and both Star Wars and Trek fans. I only ask for respect.

Screening is at my discretion, but may include a valid photo ID, linkedin, business email confirmation, references, vaccination card.

Payment must be in cash, in an envelope (or book, bag, or similar) at the commencement of our time -- discretion, creativity, and generosity are noticed and appreciated.

Please aim to arrive at the appointed time, it is unlikely that I will be able to push-back our start time on the day-of. If you find yourself desiring an extension, please request it as soon as you are able.


keep in touch?

see you soon...

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