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devilish details

Acts, events, dynamics are always open for discussion, so long as the topic is broached with tact and respect. Offerings are also subject to change without notice.

The Classic


Be it two days or two hours, I am a verified time-witch, a diver certified to the reach depths of pleasures not yet unlocked.

Kissing, cuddling, massage, digits and tongues, swapping positions, climaxes and teases and tensions and full connection from the stardust from whence we came to the string of moments we share together. No list of phrases can encompass the chemical and electric interactions as two individuals unfold and entwine.

The Carnal


Everything classic and then some -- more tremulous than tender.

Consent, communication, and care are tenement values for every session.

Fetish and worship of ass, feet, legs, breast, mouths, introduction of sensory play, toys including straps and vibrations, playful impact and careful hair pulling. Intenser dynamics, more scandalous words.

Carnal bookings require a conversation about expectations and acts included, which must be professional, brief, and respectful.



Couples : min 90 Minutes [+$300]

Doubles : Yes, absolutely, gladly, eagerly, under the stipulation that both of us are paid full and equal rates, no negotiation or discount.

Wardrobe : Elaborate or specific requests should be accompanied by sponsorship for the procurement of items. General preferences are readily accommodated.

Social : Yes! Typically reserved for those with existing rapport, in-person and remote available, please enquire for specifics and bespoke rates.




Something particular you have in mind? A fantasy to explore? A scenario, a game, a dynamic? A kink event? An arrangement? With polite communication, due respect, and a bespoke fee for bespoke services, we can float and soar wherever our hearts and heads can imagine.

Looking for a queer safe space? Be it gender and sexuality exploration, expression, curiosity, comforts, senses and safety; a date for pride, a shopping adventure, outfit swaps, conversations about conventions, event attendance, queer space exploration... This is one of my favourite services to offer.

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